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Cara Feinberg is a writer living in the Boston area. Her work has appeared in print, online, and on screen. She has written for The Boston Globe, The Atlantic Online, The American Prospect, Harvard Magazine, and several other publications. She currently works as an associate producer for the PBS science television show, NOVA, and continues to freelance in both print and multimedia journalism. Her documentary film,Working Blind, won best documentary short at the Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival, and screened at The Boston International Film Festival and the DIY Film Festival in Los Angeles.

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About Working Blind:
Neil lost his sight from a brain tumor; Catherine lost hers from a disease; Kevin was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a pile of bricks crushed his skull. All three thought they would never work with their hands again. Filmed at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, Massachusetts, this short film tells the true story of three newly blind woodworkers and how they plan, measure, and construct projects with power tools and buzzsaws. 

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*Archaeology in the Borderlands selected for the 2012 Belize International Film Festival

A film about one archaeologist's quest to protect disintegrating Maya monuments that have stood for milennia...until weArchaeology in the Borderlands cleared away the tree canopy to welcome tourists.

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Turkey is harnessing one of the world's fastest rivers with one of the tallest hydroelectric dams on earth. Episode associate produced by Cara Feinberg.

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