Boston College Magazine


BC Magazine - Spring, 2006

Should a 29-year-old petty criminal and recovering addict be deported to a country she fled as a child? 

The Curtain Call

BC Magazine - Winter, 2005

A small theater can be a risky, lonely, and, some would say, irresistible business. 

Smoke and Mirrors 

BC Magazine - Winter 2008

More than 400 years before film, were Renaissance painters tracing photographs?


BC Magazine - Summer, 2007

He was known around the office for his quick wit and Cheshire-cat grin, says says BCPD lieutenant Fred Winslow, a longtime friend who gave the eulogy at Devlin’s funeral. “Tommy was a big fan of Super Glue. . . . Basically, if there was a big red button that said, ‘don’t push this,’ Tommy’d go and push it.”


BC Magazine - Winter 2007

Artistic renderings of a scrawny young man clad only in a plastic winged Viking helmet.

Raidin' the Wake 

BC Magazine - Fall 2006

Every Thursday night, James Joyce fans gather to discuss a book that few of them have ever read.

By any other name...

BC Magazine - Fall 2005

What is the color of 'Sex Pistol,' 'Hot Rod,' 'Shag,' and 'Vice'? How do marketers' made-up color names affect consumer choice?