New York Magazine: "What Poverty Does to Your Brain"

"The Science of Scarcity" is covered by New York Magazine.

Psychology Today: "Are Animals "Things?" The Evolution of Animal Law"

Ms. Feinberg's essay is an outstanding and comprehensive review of what is happening in the United States, and I highly recommend that you read it and share it widely. It really is that important.


Cara Feinberg is interviewed by Host Russell Contreras about her Boston Globe article on the 2006 Supreme Court decision to ban voluntary school desegregation programs. Across the Divide aired between 2006-2008 as a biweekly podcast focusing on minority issues, immigration, race relations, and culture. 

KOTTKE.ORG: "Even If It's Fake (Medicine) It's Real"

"The Placebo Phenomenon" is featured on 


An article about Harvard Magazine's feature story about Ellen Langer. UMagazinology is a publication of the University Magazine Group.

PLOS BLOGS: "Ellen Langer and the Psychology of Possibility"

Blog post about about Harvard Magazine's feature story on Ellen Langer. PLOS Blog is a publication covering science and medicine by the Public Library of Science.

AMES TRIBUNE: "NOVA Series Gets Elemental"

The Ames Tribune follows the PBS NOVA crew as they film "Hunting the Elements."