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Conservation Starters

Boston Globe Magazine - July 26, 2015

Growing a green business: Three small companies make a go of it. One run by artists, another by entrepreneurs, and a third by environmentalists are trying to make conservation pay.



Boston Globe Magazine - August 10, 2014

Remembering an unlikely prophet of bicycling and his team of improbable champions.



The Boston Globe City Weekly Section - February 5, 2006

Coretta Scott King talks with Cara Feinberg about how she met her husband. 


Learning Curve

The Boston Globe Ideas Section - December 5, 2004

In the battle over charter schools, why in the world - no matter what its financial situation - would a public school system aching with underachievement even think of turning away a program with proven success? On the other hand, why would a state department of education approve a school that the city itself actively fought against? How can a fledgling charter school survive, much less thrive, in a district that doesn't want it? And how, after all that, can both sides claim to be fighting for public education?



The Boston Globe Ideas Section - November 12, 2006

In March, 1999, in Lynn, Massachusetts, Samantha Comfort tried to enroll her daughter in her local school's kindergarten, but was told there was no room for her because she was white. It was an issue other white families had faced in schools around the country -- an issue that seemed in many ways to turn Brown v. Board on its head. Now, all eyes are on the Supreme Court as they once again ask themselves, should public schools artificially integrate their classrooms? 



The Boston Globe Ideas Section - January 15, 2006

What happens to the visual part of your brain when you lose your sight? 



The Boston Globe Northwest Section - March 31, 2005

A new college course on video gaming. 



The Boston Globe Northwest Section - January 13, 2005

Life in the fast lane...before you're old enough to drive. Front page story for The Boston Globe Northwest section.



The Boston Globe City Weekly Section - August 3, 2003

In the Charlestown Navy Yard, next to the USS Constitution, Ed McCabe and Lory Newmyer employ 16 youths no one wants to hire. 


when martin met coretta

The Boston Globe City Weekly Section - January 19, 2003

Martin studied at BU, Coretta at the Conservatory; both strolled the same Boston city blocks. "People often don't remember that King was in Boston because he wasn't yet the famous Dr. King when he was here," said John Cartwright, the Martin Luther King Jr. professor emeritus of social ethics at Boston University and a contemporary of King's as a graduate student in the 1950s. "He was a struggling doctoral student who was a normal guy - even a bit of a playboy. He joked around, he dated - he was a man about town with a new Chevy."



The Boston Globe City Weekly Section - December 1, 2002

Bearded frauleins, singing nuns, and grown men in leiderhosen sing along to The Sound of Music. 


Childs' Play

Boston Globe Northwest Section - December 5, 2002

Once a year, 30 fiddlers come to play -- all together at once -- with the man who made their violins.


The Artist's Front Yard 

The Boston Globe Northwest Section - October 24, 2002

It's hard to miss the 14-foot steamship on Shunsuke Yamaguchi's front porch. Painted in a vivid, almost cartoon-like style, the vessel looks as if it were lifted from the pages of a children's book and transplanted onto this stucco porch in the middle of Arlington, where it has been for the last several weeks - the latest addition to Yamaguchi's landlocked fleet.