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Is Star Wars Art?

The American Prospect - April 12, 2002

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth will certainly take you on a hero's journey. Just be prepared for it to end in a gift shop.


Hitting Home

The American Prospect - April 7, 2002

Domestic violence is the issue that embarrasses traditionalists. Today, despite greater awareness and a variety of model programs, partner abuse is still far too prevalent.


The Bidness of Voting

The American Prospect - November 30, 2002

Colin Goldman is trying very hard to break the law. But it hasn't been easy. In the months leading up to the election, Goldman, a libertarian candidate for the California assembly, has been running an election sweepstakes. 


Frontiers of Free Marketing

The American Prospect - August 12, 2001

The AI novelty, "Alice Bot", may have a few more years of charm school ahead of her. But chatbots and other imaginary characters are already succeeding in their primary purpose: using artificial intelligence to raise real revenue.